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Students will be able to understand, demonstrate, and apply the importance of weight training and exercise to their lives.  There will be a slight emphasis on sports nutrition as related to weight training.  This is an advanced level class where students have a background from Weights I and they will seek to develop further the skills learned from those classes.  Students will perform at a Level 2 standard.


  •  Students will enhance their knowledge of strength and power training, agility, speed, plyometric, cardiovascular, and recovery modalities
  • Students will learn proper lifting techniques.  In particular the core lifts including: (Deadlift, Parallel Squat, Bench Press, Push Press, Power Clean and Snatch).  Students will learn to perform and teach these exercises as well as how to advance these movements.
  • Students will learn and develop alternative training methods for individual needs analysis of a sports team
  • Students will learn and use percentages and periodization methods.   They will also train in high level training following the push-pull methodology.
  • Students will focus the importance of the three factors to health living (sleep & stress, sport nutrition, and regular exercise) and be measured on these factors.
  • Students will be required to do a project the 3rd an 4th Quarters of the class.  A select few high achieving students will be permitted to use the Teambuildr App.
  • Honors Option:  Students will be able to earn honors credit with 30 additional hours implementing and reporting back to the class with a presentation of results


You have 20 points when you walk through the door.  The following are ways that you can lose those points.

  1.  Do not dress out (Note: not dressing will not be tolerated)                       -20 points
    (students are allowed one no dress a semester/this class is based on your participation)
  2.  Late to class            (one excused tardy, #2 loss of points and wipe down rack) -10 points
  3. Unexcused absences (Note:  contact with parent will be made)                 -20 points
    *excessive absences will be dealt with on an individual basis and can affect your grade.
  4. Do not complete the workout prescribed by end of class                         -10 points
  5. You can lose up to ½ your points based on attitude in class                      -5 or 10 pts.
  6. Points can also be taken away at the teacher’s discretion (Ex. language) -5 points
  7. There will be points allotted for attendance to athletic events (1X/week) +10 points
  8. There will be daily discussions on exercise, nutrition, etc. Students will be tested as indicated on the pacing guide throughout the semester on various skills including:  core lifts, axillary lifts, speed, agility, and fitness skills/performance gains 3X/term.  Points will be deducted for incomplete tests and unsatisfactory progress.


  • Be at your station and ready to workout
  • You have 5 minutes after the official school bell to be in the weight room properly dressed out and ready for class or it will be a tardy (after your 1st tardy points will begin to be deducted, 3rd tardy you will get detention).  I will begin the stop watch when the bell rings at 8:00 or 12:20 and I expect everyone here at their station at 8:10 or 12:30.


  • Smart phones will be allowed on the ledge and must stay on the ledge.  If they are removed from this area they will be put in my office until the end of class.
  • Each student should have personal items in a gym bag during the period.  The administration is asking off-season students to store gym bad in coach’s classroom/car


  • Proper gym clothes (shorts, socks, shirt (no half shirts), tennis shoes you can run in
  • Proper attitude and mind set
  • Optional:  Hard soled shoes will provide a better base for you to make strength progress.  Examples: hiking boots, military boots, or weightlifting shoes

I hope you have a safe, fun and healthy year!


Chris Morland, MS, CSCS

HPE Teacher

CG classThis is 1st period Fundamentals of S & C raising $281 for the “Toys for Tots” toy drive at the end of the Fall semester 2015







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