Teaching Methodology:

Teach using polished communication skills, refined leadership skills, and various modes of technology to implement lesson plans.

I.  Core classroom values:

  • R- Respect– two-way respect with students and teacher in the classroom
  • I – Integrity– holistic in all development issues with self, classmates, and teacher
  • C- Community– students are encouraged to participate and learn from classmates
  • E- Engage– the information, the process of learning, and work hard to achieve higher levels of understanding

Talking to parents at Back to school Night 2015Talking to parents at “Back to School Night”

II. Teaching guidelines: Student-centered and Teacher-driven

  1. Teaching Science – Be a team player on the teaching team as I use my skills to enhance the team’s effectiveness with the students using assessment skills and relational skills.
  2. Parental relationships – I seek to be a better teacher every day.   My goal is to put the student needs above my own in order to earn the ability to teach them.  This approach will build strong bridges with good rapport with parents.  Seek to establish a consistent line of communication with all students and especially with special needs students.
  3. Classroom management – Bring energy each day and a consistent expectation that our primary goal is to learn core concepts by engaging the information through large group and small groups.
  4. Learning approach – Teacher-centered and student-centered learning activities depending on the content and time allowed for meeting all learning objectives.  Seek to be a learner every day in order for my students to have the best experience possible.
  5. Gifted versus more challenging students – Use my ability to encourage lagging students and release gifted students to excel even more.  I do this is by using my relational approach to learning and classroom community to motivate group progress.
  6. Assessment – Seek to assess each student according to grade level and ability in accordance with state and federal standards according to the content being taught.
  7. Progress reporting – Reporting brings the accountability needed to gauge my students in a quantitative way to reinforce learning.  This validates the learning process and allows students to reach higher and higher levels of personal success.

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