1. Why a website?Chris in doorway

Forward thinking requires educators and coaches to travel along the same communication lines that the digital generation travels.  This is why I have chosen to develop a website to expand excellent content through the avenue of blogging.

2. How will equipping happen?

Friends, colleagues, and family have described me using three words:  passionate, connector, and coach.  I will seek to use these skills to reach my audience of educators, coaches, and students on this website to provide simple yet excellent information for the glory of God.

3. Unique?

Yes, this is how some school administrators have described me.  I have a unique rural Kansas upbringing, with collegiate athletic experience, a college coaching background, and now a high school educator and coach.  I have a deep passion for “down home” relationships extended to the next generation which others might feel is unique.  I consider this a genuine quality, a value I hold to.  If you are a student reading this I prefer to use the word “special” vs “unique.”

4. #MorlandSTRENGTH Goals?

My end goal is to be a better educator and coach at the end of each day.  I plan to do this through my desire to keep students at the center of what I’m learning and applying.  I’m getting daily feedback from students and coaches along with reflective learning.

This website is for “us:” educators, coaches, and students who want to maximize our experiences.  In the future,  my vision is to facilitate a conversation that includes topics which relate to our educational learning and coaching.

Please feel free to provide feedback by clicking the envelope in the top right corner because that’s how the goal can be achieved in the classroom, on the field, and in the community everyday.  We all need constructive feedback to become better educators and coaches.  That’s my goal.  I’m going to enjoy this process and I hope you come back to #MorlandSTRENGTH for this purpose!

5. Opening the blog for comments?

Sometime in the future I plan to open up the blog for comments.   I want to get an idea of what the website traffic will be like before I do this.  In the meantime please use the contact page to provide any constructive feedback.  I’ve put a reminder link at the bottom of many pages to prompt feedback.

If you were to coming into my living room and we had a conversation about any aspect of education or coaching, I hope you would feel respected, accepted, inspired, and equipped to fulfill your call even better.  This is what motivates me in the extra effort MorlandStrength.com takes.  It is this type of attitude that can cultivate a professional environment that is relational and gets results (our mission for Gibbons Strength & Conditioning).  With equipped and inspired educators everyone can win at becoming better at learning, teaching, and coaching!

Chris Morland and Tommy Moffit

Chris Morland and Tommy Moffit

Thanks again for visiting MorlandStrength.com and please come back often to join this mission to become better!  I’m doing this to help others along the way.  One of my mentors Tommy Moffitt (Louisiana State University) said, “coaching is teaching and teaching is motivating others to learn.”  With refined motivation I believe this website can be successful at helping change the way educators think about collaborative learning in the years ahead.

Student-Centered and Teacher-Driven, Chris Morland, MS, CSCS, USAW

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