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1. Testing and Monitoring

• What is the coach, athlete, client goals for the training program?
• How will tests will be performed and tracked throughout the cycle and annual plan?
• How will the tests monitored correlate to the success of the athlete/team/client?
• How can the tests become more reliable and show strong validity?

2. Flexibility/FMS (Functional Movement Screen)

• What are the FMS assessment trends for the athlete/team/client?
• How will the reduction of injury rate trends be addressed and monitored while increasing
athletic development?
• What is the range of motion required in the movements for the athlete/team/client?
• How will flexibility be addressed and enhance with this athlete/team/client?

3. Movements profile

• What are the typical movement patterns and planes (Frontal, Transverse, Sagittal)?
• What are the typical distances, perceptual triggers, and how do these movements relate to
athlete/team/client skills? (Ideas from Ian Jeffreys in his book Gamespeed, 2010)

4. Energy System Training (EST) and Conditioning

• What are the primary energy system/s used? (phosphogen 0-10 seconds, fast & slow
glycolysis 30-90 seconds, and oxidative 2-3 min and up) for the athlete/team/client?
• Are is the secondary energy system should be considered?

5. Core/Pillar Analysis

• How does core/pillar strength, bracing, and core endurance influence the
• In which ways is the core/pillar strength displayed in this type of athlete/team/client?

6. STRENGTH Analysis

• What primary planes of STRENGTH should be addressed for the athlete/team/client?
• What secondary planes (Frontal, Transverse, Sagittal) of STRENGTH do they need?

7. Power Analysis

• What are the primary power zones to be trained for the athlete/team/client?
• How does the R.F.D (Rate of Force Development) occur for this athlete/team/client?

8. Speed and Agility

• When is acceleration, deceleration, and C.O.D (change of direction) displayed?
• How often does COD occur during a regular competition for this athlete/team/client?
• In what direction/s and how is the force applied for this athlete/team/client?
• When in the annual plan should S & A be done for this athlete/sport?

9. Sport Nutrition Assessment and Monitoring

• What is the current nutritional profile for this athlete/team/client?
• What are the top 3 things to enhance and what is the educational plan for each?
• What is planned nutritional monitoring system for this athlete/team/client?

10.  Annual Planning

• Pre-planning and research
• Establishing a planned training cycle
• Presenting the plan
• Revising and monitoring the plan


See the Prezi Presentation I did for the Exercise Physiology Class at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in the Spring 2014

See the Slide Share Presentation I do for volunteer assistant coaches that join Gibbons Strength and Conditioning to learn the methodology and must pass a test at 75% or above to begin coaching.

Chris Morland, MS, CSCS, SCCC, USAW, Winter 2015-2016

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Let me know any feedback on this methodology.  Have you put your own methodology down on one page?  About five years into my coaching career a coach challenged me to do this and it was one of the best things I ever did!  You can provide feedback on the contact page   or by reading my blog about how I went through this process of discovery.

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